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The Industrial Door Knob Installation Process

It is hard for someone to find a building that does not contain a door knob. With a doorknob, we are provided with an ability to get into rooms easily, and they also help us keep the unwanted guests out. Nonetheless, there is a very huge difference that exists between an industrial and a residential door knob. When door knobs are not installed properly, various problems are experienced. Below are some of the information that you would want to know about the different door knobs.

Most of the items stored in industries are of high value. Understanding this allows you to look for the right door knob for your company. It is also possible that you might be owning or running a building which is full of valuables that need to be protected. Although the residential door knobs may seem string, they are not always reliable. You should therefore make sure that you have chosen ab industrial door knob which will ensure that your property is fully protected.

When installing the door knob, make sure that you know how to remove the old one and replace it with a new one. Hiring the professionals would provide with great benefits for someone who is trying to make the installation for the first time. Instead of bringing down your industrial door, hiring a professional to remove the old door knob for you would save you on a lot of money. The professionals will ensure that you have been prevented from breaking your expensive industrial door. This is because they are capable of following all measures that involve different door knobs.

When the old door knob gas been removed, it should be replaced by a new one. After the old knob has been removed, the new installation begins by installing the latch plate. The latch plate is the piece used to connect the door knob. In order for someone to make the installation successfully, they would be required to have a working unit. The tapered side of the latch should face the industrial door frame. When this has been completed, the next step involves securing the plate to the door.

You should then proceed to installing the exterior face. It is the exterior face that allows us to access any residential or commercial building. Hiring a knob installation company allows the installation process to be completely successful. If you are making the installation for the first time, chances are you may not be able to align the knob with the hole on the door. If the spindle is not properly aligned, the installation process will be very difficult. Installation of the strike plate is the final part of the installation process.

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